Money XLive

Money XLive makes financial literacy education exciting by enlisting the help of celebrity supporters, sports stars, live entertainment, and personal finance experts. This immersive educational experience provides real-world financial knowledge that prepares people to make everyday money management decisions. The program is designed by the National Financial Educators Council to create a dynamic educational experience, and also meets standards set by the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance.

Money XLive – Full Production Celebrity Education Event

Money XLive (MXL) is a full-production event that has revolutionized how we teach today’s teens and young adults about money. The event has taken a big leap away from traditional financial literacy programming to connect with today’s youth and leave them inspired to take positive action.

MXL is more than full concert show. It is a true learning experience designed around national financial education curriculum standards, putting a practical twist on theory-based education. This three-hour show mixes financial education experts with high-profile celebrities and entertainers to reinforce the lessons learned. MXL delivers real-world knowledge that young people will use every day of their lives!

Watch your favorite influencers share their passion for helping todays youth, starring: Wilmer Valderrama, John Salley, Vince Shorb, Randy Wayne, Seth Joyner, Roy Lewis, Chad Penry, Chris Judd, Christian Hosoi, Tyler Christopher, Josh Sherman, Jessie Billauer and more.

Money XLive – Celebrity Community Outreach

The Money XLive Community Outreach Program brings a smaller scale MXL event to locations across the country. Celebrities and sports stars visit schools, nonprofit organizations, and other community groups to inspire attendees to take positive financial action that aligns with their goals.

In a recent event, Yahoo Sports’ “Outside the Game” featured a four-minute video on the NFEC’s Money XLive financial literacy tour. Money XLive producer Chad Penry formed collaborative partnerships with Yahoo Sports, NFL All-Pro Brandon Lloyd, Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union, Waterhouse Sports & Entertainment, and Lowell High School to teach students important financial lessons and raise awareness for the financial literacy movement.

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Money XLive is a brand of the National Financial Educators Council. The NFEC is a full-service education company that provides financial literacy material, promotes advocacy campaigns, sets standards, conducts research, and shares best practices for financial education.

The NFEC is dedicated to creating a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and the lives of people they reach around the globe. We do so by creating unique learning experiences to which a variety of audiences can relate.

“The National Financial Educators Council gives its heartfelt thanks to all the sports stars, positive role models, and celebrities who support financial literacy and contribute to Money XLive and the overall promotion of the financial education movement. Their support helps us raise awareness for financial literacy and inspire our youth to take positive action to improve their financial futures.”

~Vince Shorb, NFEC CEO & Chad Penry, MXL co-founder.

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